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Welcome to Riff Mania Records the artist's gateway to success.   We are not only a mobile recording studio, but also have our own small indie record label.  We also allow you to grow your band's appearance based on your needs.  What this means is if you are looking for a demo CD, band manager (The Band Lands Management Group) to get more gigs, a quality CD design production complete with graphics, or just a record label then we allow you to customized your image as needed.  This is unheard of in the record and recording industry.  We can even help you set up an official website to represent your band's image.  Many bands are using MySpace , Facebook and YouTube to promote their bands which is a good start.  However, every serious band should also have an official website for their band that is customizable to meet the needs as the band grows and we can help you with that as well.  Our unique offering of a mobile recording studio allows for the ability for bands to record in their normal practice environment.  This allows the members to use their own equipment in many cases and not to have to pack their gear up and travel to the studio to do a recording.  Additionally, since the initial studio recording is mobile and the final mixing and mastering is done back in the studio, we are able to offer a much more affordable product to the band.  This is an excellent way to created a demo that can be used to promote the band for more gigs.

We also have many other opportunities for bands to gain exposure in the community through our Riff Mania TV video show, Chaoitic Riffs Magazine (Free Download) and Riff Mania Radio website as well as other community events.

Be sure to check out our distribution website for opportunities as well:

Where To Start?

So you now have a band and need to record some demos or even an independent album but don't have a huge budget.  We can help you get up and running without breaking the bank.  We can also help you with the various marketing components needed to get discovered too.  Since we believe in a no nonsense approach to the recording/promotion process we utilize a small mobile studio which allows for the production of a quality product without the large price tag that many other recording studios charge.  In some cases, it is possible to start the process for under $500 depending on the overall band readiness.  Be sure to check out our section
studio advice section for details related to prior needs before entering the studio.

In addition to being a small indie record label we also act as a band manager, handle promotions, get you gigs and more.  We can even make a music video for you through our parent company Vortexual Dreams Production.  Our ability to provide a complete package for your band's image is what makes us unique.   So be sure to explore this website for more details and contact us with any questions.


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