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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept internships?

A: See our Employment page for information about employment and internships at Riff Mania Records.

Q: Do you do CD  duplication?

A: We do very small quantities of CD's for playback reference for our clients in house. We also regularly accept outside work for duplication CD's in small quantities for onsite production. But we are not set up to do mass duplication.  However, we can handle these needs and you should discuss options with us using outside companies we work with at great rates.

Q: How did we get a particular sound on a particular recording?

A: With so many projects passing through our studio, it is often hard for us to recall exactly what techniques/processing, etc. were used on a specific song.

Q: What type of music do you specialize in?

A: We specialize in recording. It would be hard to find a style of music that would not record but rock, metal and alternative are our preferred types but we will record rap, classical, etc. We also record voiceovers for commercials, film and audio books.

Q: How much does it cost to record a CD? Do a demo? Master a CD?

A: Determining an exact price on what any given studio project will cost typically requires quite a few questions regarding your project. Please call us at (352) 301 - 5051 or 352-871-4308 to discuss your needs.

Q: Do I need my own equipment or will you supply it?

A: Typically we suggest you use your own effects, guitars, basses, keyboards etc.  However, we prefer to use electronic drums when ever possible for recording clarity.  We know some people prefer using acoustic drums and we will try to accommodate those needs when necessary.  We bring our own microphones, mixers, portable sound booth and other equipment needed for recording your band to ensure the best quality recording of your song(s).




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